Ministry Groups


The Stewardship Committee helps to educate the faithful about returning God’s gifts to us, in the forms of “time, talent, and resources”.  Financial gifts are, of course very important – it is how the parish pays the bills. But there are also other ways to help the church – singing in the choir, serving on the Parish Council, maintenance of the building and grounds, cooking and cleaning for the various parish events; sponsoring a parish event, teaching Sunday School.  As many are the needs of the church, there is usually a corresponding talent that the parish would gratefully accept.


In the words of our Lord Jesus Christ:  “feed my sheep”   and “if you have done it for the least of my brethren, you have done it for me”.  To follow His commands, our Charity Committee sponsors an annual dinner to raise funds for orphanages, local charities, monasteries, and Project Mexico.  The parish also collects food items for the Orthodox Christian Womens’ ministry to local food banks.  This year the parish also responded in a drive for coats, socks and other warm garments for the homeless, spearheaded and distributed by one of our parish families, on Christmas Day.

Sunday SchoolEducation

Following on the heels of the last sentence above, education does not stop with Sunday School for children. Adults need to continue in their reading and learning about the Faith. Fr. Dimitrie Vincent hold Bible Study at various times during the year, and has topic-specific talks for the adults in the parish.  The Sunday School, headed by Gail Orlow and Amy Maksout, teaches children from preschool through teens.


The command to “preach, teach and baptize all nations”  was given to the early Church, and the disciples were sent to all parts of the known world to spread the message of the Gospel.  Outreach exists in several ways: to spread the word about Orthodox Christianity to the unchurched and to the non-Orthodox;  to reach out to the new Orthodox immigrants from overseas; and to initiate contacts with those who have, for whatever reason, have “fallen away” from the church.  This cannot be the job of the parish priest alone.  All Orthodox Christians should know enough about their faith to be able to talk about it to others in a friendly, open, non-judgmental way.

Parish Organizations

Parish CouncilParish Council

The Parish Council consists of elected members who serve the church assisting the parish priest administer the business of the parish. In order to be able to fulfill our mission to bring people to Christ, the parish needs to function smoothly, and the Council is charged with this responsibility.

Daughters of St. Thomas

Composed of women from the parish, the Daughters support the church with various fund-raising and social events.  This valuable service also helps to deepen the relationships between the women of the parish.


"He who sings prays twice", it is said. This is never truer than in the Orthodox Church. Our services are entirely sung and chanted, as musical instruments were forbidden from the very beginning of the Church. "A capella" means "in the style of the church".  Currently a small but faithful few sing the responses for the various services. Those who can sing in tune and blend are welcomed to join this most important ministry.